, Michigan

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Tom & Rosanne Bloomer

Photo Credit: Ecology Center / Ted Sylvester


Tom and Rosanne Bloomer protected 152 acres of their farm and was the first Purchase of Development Rights easement completed by the City of Ann Arbor's Greenbelt Program.


“We wanted to continue to develop and improve our farm business, but recognized the difficulty of doing that in the Ann Arbor area’s very strong real estate market. We also feel a strong attachment to our land, its history, and its contribution to the local environment. The Ann Arbor Greenbelt Program offered a unique opportunity to combine our business and conservation goals with the environmental health goals of the community. We have had absolutely no second thoughts.”  ~ Tom and Rosanne Bloomer


The Bloomers sold development rights on 152 acres of their farm to the City of Ann Arbor's Greenbelt program, preserving the property as farmland for future generations.

The City received a grant from the Farm and Ranchland Protection Program to cover a portion of the costs of purchasing the developing rights. The Bloomers also generously donated 10% of the value of the development rights, making them eligible for federal income tax benefits.

As with other farmland preservation easements, the property remains in private ownership, in agricultural production and the public is not allowed onto the property.

In addition to the traditional row crops, the Bloomers grow popcorn and soybeans, sold under the name of Rabble Roasters, which can also be foudn in many local Ann Arbor stores.