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Wade & Carol Peacock

Photo Credit: Washtenaw Land Trust / Barr LonikBackground

Wade & Carol Peacock protected their 40-acre property by donating a conservation agreement to the Washtenaw Land Trust.  They had purchased the small farm property in Bridgewater Township in 1970.


In 2000, the Peacocks decided it was time to ensure their 40 acres would remain forever as they have enjoyed it.


  Wade & Carol approached the Land Trust about donating a conservation easement that would limit development to that already on site. (Other landowners who have donated a conservation agreement have instead chosen to identify a “building envelope”, within which additional structures, such as a barn or garage, could be added, leaving the rest of the land untouched.)  Once an agreement on terms was reached, the easement was signed by both parties and recorded to the deed so that all current and future landowners must abide by its terms.

     By donating this permanent conservation agreement, the Peacocks were eligible for federal income tax benefits.  Those tax considerations were an added bonus for them, since their primary motivation was to see the land protected forever.

     As with most conservation agreement properties, the Peacock's property remains in private ownership and is not open to the public.

     Those who drive past here along US-12which bisectsthe propertyyaree able to enjoy seeing the deer and the restored wetland on north side and horses on the south side. Thanks to the Peacocks, those views, the wildlife habitat, and the working hayfields of their property will always be there.

     (This information is from the Land Trust’s website, www.washtenawlandtrust.org.)

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