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Testimonials provide real-life examples of how people in your community have achieved community, preservation and financial goals.

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Wade & Carol Peacock
Background Wade & Carol Peacock protected their 40-acre property by donating a conservation agreement to the Washtenaw Land Trust. They had purchased the small farm property in Bridgewater Township in 1970. Goals In 2000, [more]

Campbell & Fran Laird
Background Campbell & Fran Laird donated the Washtenaw Land Trust preserve known as the Beckwith Conservancy in 1999. Fran had grown up on the property, which had been purchased by her parents in the late 1940s. Through the Laird's [more]

Tom & Rosanne Bloomer
Background Tom and Rosanne Bloomer protected 152 acres of their farm and was the first Purchase of Development Rights easement completed by the City of Ann Arbor's Greenbelt Program. Goals “We wanted to continue [more]